Hands-on Course on Machine Learning Applied to Neuroimaging

March 20 through 25

As a satellite to the LABMAN meeting, there will be a Hands on course on Machine Learning applied to Neuroimaging and EEG from March 20 through 25 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The course will take place at the University of Buenos Aires. 


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Time: 10.00 to 18.00

Place: Ciudad Universitaria de Buenos Aires, Pabellón 1 , Laboratorios de Computación.


Course information on CoSMoMVPA website: LABMAN 2017 workshop



  • Acquire expertise on the machine learning approaches applied to fMRI and EEG data
  • Learn how to use the package CoSMoMVPA to implement the analysis
  • Make yourself an independent user, so that you can apply the techniques learnt here to your own datasets


Tentative program

Day 1:

  • Data collection & preprocessing

Day 2:

  • General intro: Machine learning and its application to neuroimaging analysis
  • Get your computer ready to run CoSMoMVPA and use the tutorial dataset
  • Dataset input, output and operations
  • Split-half correlation analysis
  • Single-fold classification

Day 3:

  • Classification with cross-validation
  • Measures, neighborhoods, searchlight applied to fMRI data
  • fMRI searchlight RSA
  • fMRI resting-state, different approaches

Day 4:

  • EEG intro & basic classification
  • EEG temporal and spatio-temporal classification searchlight
  • EEG time generalization

Day 5:

  • fMRI and EEG: multiple comparison correction using Threshold-Free Cluster Enhancement
  • Analysis decisions
  • Concluding remarks
  • Question and answer session for design and analysis of your own study